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How To Speed Up Your Android Virtual Device For A Better Development

Now here is the solution for all who are freed up with extremely slow Android Virtual Device while developing android applications. As you all know the Android Virtual Device (AVD) given by the android SDK is extremely slow and irritating.

The main reason for slow AVD is because it ARM CPU & GPU. Now in this post we will be using Genymotion for fast virtual device.


It uses x86 architecture which makes the emulation very fast. It comes with three version. The first version is free with some limitation. We will be using the free version. So first of all you need to download the genymotion.

You can get it from the official website which is

You need to signup which hardly takes a minute to download genymotion from the website so just download it on your machine and install as you install every application (accept next next next finish :P)


  • Once you have downloaded and install genymotion open genymotion.
  • Click on add button from the top menu (requires an active internet connection)
  • You will be asked to sign in, use the genymotion account to sign in which you have created while downloading genymotion
  • Now you will see the list of virtual devices select a virtual device according to your choice and click next.
  • It will start downloading your virtual device wait for the download to be finish (after download it will automatically install the virtual device)
  • Now you can see the virtual device in the main screen of genymotion.
  • Click on play to start the virtual device.
  • Check it, very fast right?
  • Now you need to setup Eclipse plugin to use it to run your application

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  • Open eclipse
  • Go to Help-> Install new software
  • Click on Add
  • On location field copy paste the following URL
  • You will see genymobile plugin
  • Check that plugin and install


  • Open your Genymotion and play a Virtual Device
  • Right click on your project -> Run as -> Android Application
  • You will see your device on the list of running devices
  • Select the device and click ok
  • Brilliantly fast right?

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