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Metal Slug Defense Unveiled as Modified Version of Classic Metal Slug

Metal Slug is basically a Neo Geo game that was first released way back in 1996, when we had only 16 bits resolution for games. At the time of release of the game, the graphics of Metal Slug were as honored as Unreal Engine 4’s 4k resolution demos today. The game play options were only limited to down play or side-scrollers. Metal Slug was included in the latter category being the game involved running and fighting. Metal Slug brought the features of superior animation, gore, violence, and a number of characters, all containing some elements of goofiness, making it instantly classic. New games keep releasing, and the old ones are relived with updates on nearly all platforms. SNK has released the modern version of Metal Slug as Metal Slug Defense available on Android and iOS for completely free.

It is basically a castle defense game with the additional benefit of being set in the Metal Slug universe. You have to face off against your opponent who is sitting at the other side of the screen. You are provided with an energy bar that dictates the level and frequency of units that you can release. You will deal in two kinds of currencies: the gold tickets got earned easily and in-app purchasing of medals. Medals can easily unlock anything from units to base grades while golden tickets are utilized for the minor purchases.


This game provides you the limited control over your released units, each containing goal of wiping out the enemy, simple and convenient. The single player missions are really easy. They provide the idea to the beginners about the navigation of the game.


You will not find much story to begin with the game. You are introduced with the scrolling text appearing over the characters of the game. You can speed up the introduction by touching the screen since it has virtually no impact on the game itself, very much like the classic arcade games.

Graphics and Sound

Keeping in view the core fan-base, very little amendments have been made in the graphics. The new overused 16 bit graphics boom in the gaming market of mobile. The graphics are the modified version of the 16 bit classic game. The graphics focus less on menus rather than the actual game. This leaves the users with uninspired experience. The sound was quite crisp, stable, with the theme of classic music.


This is really a fantastic game that will create addiction of many people who try their hands at it. You can even play with your friends over Wi-Fi. This game is absolutely free to play, and worth playing at least once. You will just have to go through the wordy tutorials for once, and you will be able to blow NPCs in absolutely no time at all.

Download Metal Slug Defense for iOS

Download Metal Slug Defense for Android

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